viernes, 9 de abril de 2010

I TOLD YOU about strawbeRRY FIELDS

I was alone I took a ride i didn't know whAt I will find there

how could I ever have lost you When I loved you?

and in her eyes you see nothing
no sing of love behind the tears

Sometimes I wish I knew you well,
Then I could speak my mind and tell you
Maybe you'd understand

The clouds will

be a daisy chain

So let me see
you smile again

You say you've seen sevenwonders and your bird is green

I said "Who put all those things in your head? Things that make me feel that I'm mad
And you're making me feel

like I've never been born."

You know the place where nothing is reaL

3 comentarios:

  1. cuarenta años de su sepracion, pero como me dijeron hace unos dias, cincuenta de su comienzo (L)happiness is a warm gun

  2. SÍ!
    estaba pensando en eso estos días,
    estos TN, TODO NEGATIVO, con esos informes de mierda que se llaman "EX-BEATLES"
    las gracias son eternas, el amor incondicional.

  3. PERO QUE BUEN POST LU!!!!!!!!!
    Montones de frases de temas que saltas de una frase a otra y es ese tema que es mejor que el anterio y oooooooooooooh! y con fotos incluidas!